Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bathing Bar Combo - 75gx6 Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bathing Bar Combo - 75gx6
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Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bathing Bar Combo - 75gx6

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Setting Up The *Bar* High: Here’s how To Pick The Perfect Baby Soap For Your Newborn

9 months. You have roughly nine months before the newest member of your family arrives to change your life completely (for the best, of course!). And trust us, those nine months go by so fast because you’re busy prepping for their arrival; making the room for the baby, baby proofing the house, shopping for all the cutest stuff such as baby clothes, diapers, baby soaps, etc. and whatnot.
And as a new parent, one of your top priorities is figuring out which soap is best for a newborn baby. When choosing a soap for your baby, make sure it is…
- Mild.
- Made with baby-safe ingredients.
- Doesn’t cause any redness or triggers any rashes.
- Chemical-free
Another notable thing to keep in mind is that you cannot use an adult soap to give your beautiful baby a bath, even if it claims to be organic or chemical-free baby soap.
Use a baby-safe soap because as a newborn, a baby’s skin is at its most delicate stage and you have to be prepared for anything- be it extreme dryness or some mild rashes. No, we aren’t scaring you, just prepping you for the best chapter of your lives!

What To Look For In A Baby Soap

As established earlier, every baby requires a special baby soap, the kind that doesn’t lather up much but can still be used to clean your baby. Choose a baby soap that gently cleanses your baby’s delicate skin and maintains its softness too.
Do check the baby soap ingredients to ensure that is’s not made with harsh chemicals that can potentially harm the baby’s skin.

If you’re wondering what’s the best soap for the newborn baby, then you should check out the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bathing Bar as it’s formulated with ingredients that won’t dry out their skin or cause any redness;
- Made with 100% skin-natural ingredients (nutrients are identical to those naturally found in skin).
- Hypoallergenic in nature.
- Tear-free and pH is neutral to the baby’s skin.
- Paediatrician approved and totally safe for newborns.
- Free of all the toxic chemicals; parabens, dye, phthalates and sulphates.
- Infused with calming, mild fragrance.
- Cruelty-free, certified by PETA.

Sounds like the world's best baby soap, eh? Let’s know more about baby soaps, shall we?