Winter care tips for your little cutie

The winter wind fills the air with love, hope and joy, but it also brings a lot of hassles for you and your new-born. Your baby’s skincare needs differ as the season changes. The cold air holds less moisture, leading to dry skin and many other problems.

Baby skin keeps developing and therefore it tends to be thinnerand delicate. That’s not all, baby skin also tends to lose moisture up to five times faster than adultskin. Leaving it prone to dryness and vulnerable to damage too.

While we know all you’d want to do is stay cooped up with your baby and protect them from the chill in the air, we share with you a few simple tips that will keep your little one safe and sound as you enjoy the winters.

1. Bundle up your little one

Say bye to harsh winters with the right amount of layering. Dress your little ones in woollens or thermal fabrics that have enough room for their light movement.Don’t add multiple layers as it may lead to heat rashes on your baby’s skin. And, the most important thing, wrap them up with your love and don’t forget to click pictures with them in cute snuggly caps.

2. Keep the stroller snuggly and warm

Weather-proofing your stroller is one of the best ideas to protect your new-born when you head out for your daily walks. You could use a warm snuggly breathable blanket to cover the stroller or add an additional layer of a blanket while you tuck in your baby. Use comfy socks and mittens to cover your new-born’stoes and hands for extra protection from the chilly winds. Don’t forget to check for any signs of discomfort.Sometimes their skin gets red and they could get fussy. While sometimes they could be still feeling the cold.So remember to keep them warm.

3. Give your baby short warm baths

It’s considered better to limit water baths during winter as it can drop your baby’s body temperature and strip away the skin’s natural oils. Wondering what you could do instead? Go for a short warm water bath to reduce moisture loss, or you could also go for a sponge bath. Check the water temperature with your elbow as that will give you an idea of how the water will feel on your baby. Remember to go always warm, never hot when it comes to water. You can keepa short bubble bath and playtime in bath aside for this season.

4. Always moisturize to prevent dry skin

The most important thing to remember after a soothing warm bath is to nourish and lock in the moisture of your baby’s skin. Before you start moisturizing, pat your newborn with a dry towel gently. Then, check for signs of any dry skin, red rashes or any other signs of discomfort so that you can bump up the moisturizing skincare. Use a baby body lotion that prevents dryness and hydrates their skin for up to 24 hours.

5. Begin a winter care regime for your munchkin

Before you begin a winter skincare routine for your little one, get an understanding of your baby’s delicate skin. Baby skin tends to dry out faster, therefore moisturizing them twice a day will be good to lock in moisture and replenish the lost nourishment. During winters, the cold, dry air works against your baby’s skin. Do not use any fragrances on your baby since they may irritate the new-born’s delicate skin.

6. Prevent diaper rash

Be it any season, your baby having a diaper rash is a dreadful experience. Winters are a matter of concern because when you swaddle your baby in multiple layers, it leaves no room for their skin to breathe and causes more rashes. If you find your baby has developed a rash, don’t panic and apply a talcum powder.Instead use a cream or moisturizer that heals it gently. Consider going diaper-free for some time until it heals so that your baby’s bum stays soft and happy always!