When and how to use baby body lotion on your new-born?

You’d imagine that your baby’s skin is always going to be pillowy-velvety-soft like it is now. But that’s where you are wrong! Baby’s skin keeps changing as they grow.

In the first few months, your baby’s skin will likely not need a baby body lotion because when they are born, they are covered in a protective layer (called vernix) that’s filled with healthy bacteria. But once that layer begins to shed, it gives a flaky appearance to baby skin.

In fact, what many new parents do not know is that a baby’s skin is 30% thinner than adult skin and therefore loses moisture faster, making it prone to dryness. You might be wondering if you should be using baby lotion at all and if yes, how to use baby lotion in the right way to keep your baby’s skin nourished. Well, we’ve got all your questions answered right here, so keep reading.

1. When to start using baby lotion?

Taking care of your baby’s skin from Day 1 is what sets the foundation for healthy skin. While it is important to develop a sleep routine for your baby, don’t miss out on having a special, nourishing skincare routine too. When your baby is new-born, they have a marvellous, natural layer protecting their skin, which keeps skin soft, but after a while it develops dry, flaky patches that look like rashes or eczema. But you need not worry about that because it’s pretty natural!

However, you can start using mild baby body lotions to moisturise their dry hands, ankles, or feet. Do keep in mind to use a baby lotion that’s specially made for your little one like Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion, which is as gentle as water, has no baddies, and hypoallergenic. You can even use petroleum jelly to moisturise baby’s skin.

2. Does my baby really need baby body lotion?

Moisturising your baby’s skin is as important as changing diapers or feeding them on time. Your baby’s skin will thank you later. As a newborn, your baby wouldn’t really require a baby body lotion, but as they grow it is better to go for a caring, pediatrician-approved baby body lotion.

While you might be thinking, wouldn’t my lotion be enough for the baby? Even though what you use works perfectly for you, it might not be safe to use on a newborn as their skin is delicate and sensitive than yours. We suggest using Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion, as it is specially made with prebiotic moisturiser to support baby skin’s natural health and offers long-lasting moisturisation.

3. How to use baby lotion?

Applying the right baby lotion to your baby’s skin is crucial to making them feel comfortable and at ease, but what’s even more important is how you are using it. So here are a few tips to use baby lotion right:

Step 1: Begin with a quick cleanse

Avoid long baths, especially if you have spotted baby’s skin drying up quickly. Make sure you go for a lukewarm water bath and use a pediatrician-approved wash for baby’s delicate skin.

Step 2: Lock in moisture

This is where the magic happens! After bathing, don’t wait up for long; pat your baby dry. Preferably use a cotton cloth to pat dry. After that, apply a small amount of lotion on their tiny palms, ankles, and elbows to lock in the moisture.

Step 3: Always use specially curated baby lotions

Before you nourish and moisturise baby skin, choose a good baby lotion like Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion that’s specifically designed to nourish your baby’s microbiome – the living layer that protects your baby’s skin. Go for pediatrician-approved lotions as they are safe for newborn skin.

Now, isn’t this something you can easily keep in mind! So, go on, pick the right baby lotion, and keep your baby’s skin soft, supple and happy.