What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag Before D-Day?

With your delivery date inching closer, you are probably a ball of nerves and excitement. Being prepared will save a lot of last-minute hassle.

You’ll look up one day and realize it is D-day, and you need to be rushed to the hospital. In such a scenario, there will be no time to get your things in order. That’s why most couples prefer to have a delivery bag packed and ready to go in their final month.

Wondering what you might need to carry to the hospital? Don’t worry! We are here to help you.

Comfortable dressing gowns

You are most likely going to spend a lot of time in the hospital during and post-labor. So, carry light and comfortable dressing gowns to wear at the hospital. If you are planning to breastfeed, make sure your dressing gown is a front-open one.

Maternity pads, underwears & nursing bras

Hospitals usually provide maternity pads to mothers. However, you can carry your own, too, especially if you prefer a brand. Just be sure to pack several heavy-duty maternity pads in the bag.

You will also need extra pairs of comfortable underwear that are large enough to hold the maternity pads. Remember, only pack underwear you don't mind discarding later since they will most likely get messy. Additionally, pack a pair of comfortable nursing bras that you can wear when you need that extra support.

Slippers and socks

You might be asked to pace around in your room to induce labor. Or, you may have to use a wet washroom. A pair of slippers come in handy in these scenarios; you can wear them around the room. Also, carry a set of warm socks to wear during delivery; many mothers report their feet going cold during labor.

Personal care products and toiletries

When it comes to personal care products, pack in lip balm and body lotion/oil without fail. Breastfeeding tends to dehydrate you and severely chap your lips, so having a lip balm on hand can prove very useful. As for the lotion, you can ask your partner to give you a relaxing massage with the lotion/oil to moisturize your dry skin.

For toiletries, pack a toothbrush, towel, tissues, comb, facewash, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, and hair ties. Also, keep a small laundry bag for your dirty clothes.

Eye masks

Are you someone who cannot sleep if there is a light source in the room? Then, eye masks are a must for you! Maternity wards can be unusually bright according to surgery lighting requirements. Even at night, when the lights are shut off, it might not be dark enough for you to sleep. So, make sure you carry an eye mask to help you fall asleep.

Recreational reads or earplugs for music

You might be waiting at the hospital for a long time and can get bored after a while. It is good practice to bring along a book or magazine; you can read it to pass the time. Since your partner will be there at the hospital with you, pack books for both of you.

Also, consider packing noise-canceling earplugs. The maternity ward can be chaotic. The earplugs will help to tune out the noise. You can also listen to some calming music without disturbing others.

Regular clothes

You can wear your nightgowns at the hospital. But you will regret not packing regular clothes for when you are leaving the hospital. So, make sure to pack a set of comfortable and loose-fitting clothes for the occasion.

Essentials for the baby

You will go to the hospital as a couple but return as a family of 3 or more. So, your bag needs to have all the baby essentials. Your baby will need them during those first one or two days at the hospital. Pack in newborn baby care productslike diapers, baby wipes, mittens, towels, clothes for the baby. Don’t forget the socks and booties. If you are breastfeeding, you could also carry your breast pump along.

Phone charger and camera

Phones are now an inseparable part of our lives, and we carry them around all time. However, we may forget the chargers, making our phones redundant. So, remember to pack in your phone charger.

You may also want to pack your camera if you have one. You don’t want to miss capturing your baby's precious first moments.

Birth plan and insurance papers

We cannot emphasize how important these documents are. Most couples have a birth plan that they have discussed with their doctors. Although your doctors will be aware of this plan, it is good to carry a copy. You can easily distribute it amongst the doctors and nurses in the room.

Do not forget your hospital file and insurance papers. Carry them without fail to avoid any administrative hassle in the process of your delivery.

Wrapping Up

The delivery period can be very stressful, so it helps to be prepared well in advance. We hope this checklist makes it easy to prepare for this major event in your life. We wish you all the luck and love for this new journey of life.