Looking for the best baby skincare products? Here’s everything you need to know

A baby’s skin is delicate. Therefore, new parents must be careful about choosing the right baby care essentials for their newborn. In their early stages of infancy, it’s vital to buy the best baby skin care products that are delicate and gentle on baby skin as their skin is thin and their immune system is in early stages of development.

What to keep in mind?

Steer clear of brands or products that aren’t free of harsh chemicals like parabens, sulphates and dyes. Harsh chemicals can leave baby skin dry and irritated.

Do your research before choosing the best baby skin care products brand. Here are some indicators that can help you:
• They’re dermatologically approved and absolutely safe on baby skin.
• Approved by certified pediatricians.
• Products that are devoid of harsh chemicals like parabens, sulphates, dyes and phthalates.
• Products that are mild and gentle
• Read the labels very carefully and see if you can identify ingredients that are natural, mild and can guarantee maximum care.

Start simple

A skincare routine for newborns has to be basic and simple so as to not irritate baby skin. Cleanse, moisturize and nourish – these are three key steps to keep in mind. Do not worry about choosing from different brands right away. Go for an all-round brand like Baby Dove. Here, you can get an array of the all the essentials you’d need such a as a Rich Moisture Tip-to-Toe Body Wash, Rich Moisture Bathing Bar and Rich Moisture Body Lotion.


Once you've got a good routine in place, you can add extra steps as your baby moves into later stages of growth.

A good baby oil is a versatile product to have in your baby care kitty. Here are some reasons why:
• Great to give your baby a soothing massage before a bath. Start out with just a few drops. Using gentle circular motions with your fingers, knead your baby's arms and legs. It increases blood circulation and conditions your baby's skin.
• Whether it's winter skin or a general dry skin type, add just a few drops of baby oil to baby lotion. This makes sure that the moisture is locked-in and prevents flakiness.
• A nourishing hair oil maintains healthy scalp and hair growth. So, have that handy as well.

New parents can agree that there's no such as thing as too many baby wipes. So, if you're one of them who goes through a lot of baby wipes, choose ones that are super gentle and safe on baby skin. Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Care Wipes are 100% alcohol free and are as gentle as water. Its hypoallergenic formula leaves baby skin soft, making it a great option even for newborns. However, do make sure to use gentle pressure when you're wiping your baby.

Once your baby reaches toddlerhood, they start growing more hair. This is the time to go for a mild baby shampoo. Sure, a tip-to-toe baby wash is good to have, but baby shampoo is specifically formulated to be used on baby hair. If your baby has dry hair, give them a good hair oil massage before a bath. This will prevent scalp irritation and maintain soft hair.

If you're packing a baby bag with essentials, make sure to pack the following along with diapers and rash cream:
• Baby Wipes
Baby Lotion
• Baby powder

Now that you know what's the best baby care routine, go forth and indulge your baby in a happy, nourishing routine.