How to choose the best baby lotion for dry skin?

We all know the truth about baby skin - it’s very delicate and sensitive. In fact, baby skin type usually ranges from normal to sensitive. Did you know, baby skin can lose essential nutrients five times during bath time than adults? Therefore, choosing the best baby body lotion and baby wash for newborns ensures good baby skin health.There are many factors to weigh in while choosing the best baby lotion. Let’s break it down together.

Baby skin type

As mentioned before, babies can have different skin types. There are essentially 5 baby skin types – normal, normal dry, dry, normal sensitive and sensitive. A baby care routine for newborns with normal skin type is known to be the most flexible one since their skin doesn’t react easily. Keep in mind that normal skin type is still delicate but low maintenance. Normal dry means that baby skin can show a normal degree of dryness. This means that your baby would require an additional amount of body lotion so that their skin barrier continues to remain healthy. In this case, you’d need a body lotion that’s just a bit more thick or emollient so that the moisture remains on your baby’s skin for longer. Dry skin can be different from that of normal dry. If baby skin tends to show signs of flakiness, it means their body needs all the care they can get. Keep in mind the weather conditions and change their skincare routine accordingly. During winter, choose a lotion like the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Body Lotion, which is known to be the best baby lotion for dry skin in India by many new mothers. It deeply softens and nourishes your baby’s skin. Be very gentle while massaging your baby as dry skin has higher chances of getting irritated. Normal sensitive attributes to the general fact that baby skin is naturally delicate. So, it’s normal to expect baby skin to be slightly on the sensitive side. Do not fret too much about picking and choosing baby care products. Majority of baby body care products are specially formulated to suit the sensitivity level of baby’s skin. If your baby has sensitive skin, that’s when you ought to be a bit more careful. In this situation, it’s best to consult with a baby care expert. Talk to a pediatrician. Know from them what’s the best course of action to follow. Stick to their recommendations and don’t be afraid to ask necessary questions.

Brand research

Take your time to do this. With the ever-evolving market, many baby-care brands have emerged over the course of time. Some brands greatly help new parents to make an informed choice. They give you the correct information on formulation and things to look for in an ideal baby body lotion. One such brand that maintains transparency is Baby Dove.

Ingredient list and formulation

Speaking of ideal body lotion, here’s what a good formula guarantees:

Did you know, Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Body Lotion is made with prebiotic moisturizer to nourish baby’s microbiome which means the living layer that protects your baby’s skin.

Baby skincare do’s and don’ts

Chosen the best baby lotion for your newborn? Now here are some additional do’s and don’ts to keep in mind as well:

And that’s another avenue of baby care you successfully explored. Go on, give your baby’s skin all the love and nourishment.