Here’s how to curate a baby care routine with the best baby products

The sound of baby care shopping spree is absolutely fun and definitely an adorable affair. But to choose from an endless list of baby care brands can get overwhelming. So, how do you determine which brand is best for baby products? Let’s find out. Like many categories, baby care keeps evolving in terms of quality, longevity and inclusivity. There is a plethora of products that offer various benefits for your newborn. The best way to make an informed choice is to browse through brand websites and online shopping portals. They provide you with all the information you need – benefits, formulation, claims. You can even explore their entire range portfolio. Curating a baby care routine from the same, trusted brand gives you a sense of assurance that you’re choosing what’s best for your baby. Now, before you make your final list, it’s important to know what essential items you’d need when the baby is first born. In this way, your shopping list will look organized, you’ll be making the right choices and won’t end up buying things you don’t need.

Baby wipes

No matter what, you will always find yourself needing baby wipes in abundance. You can get them in bulk which is a great deal. While choosing wipes, it’s important to choose mild ones as skin on a baby’s bottom is soft and super delicate. For this, you can rely on one of the best baby product brands in India. Therefore, a great option would be the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Care Wipes. It can be used on baby’s bottom, to gently clean delicate hands, face and body while leaving the skin feeling soft. These wipes remove impurities and moisturizes instantly. These wipes are dermatologist tested and pediatrician approved. The formula is hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, and as gentle as water. It contains no parabens, no dyes and no phthalates. It also made with 100% skin-natural nutrients to help retain the skin’s natural moisture.

Baby bath essentials

: For a calming, no-fuss baby bath time, a baby wash and baby shampoo of mild formula are great picks. If you’re looking for a great recommendation, check out the Baby Dove Rich Moisture range. It includes a shampoo, a head-to-toe wash and a nourishing lotion.

Diapers and reusable nappies

Many parents like to go for either or. In some cases, they both come in handy. So, look for the ones made with material that are baby skin friendly for your baby’s comfort. It’s an item your baby will be wearing for long periods of time. And make sure you keep stock since diapers and nappies are what you’d need frequently.

Cleaning sponges or towels

Sponge baths are what your newborn would need rather than conventional ones. It makes cleaning precise and quick. Look for those that are gentle and easy on baby’s skin. Good baby bath sponges are usually made from soft foam, bamboo material, terry cloth and microfiber.


A couple of soft, cozy blankets are must-haves to make naps and sleep comfortable for your newborn.

Baby beanies

You will certainly need a couple of these to keep the baby warm. Keep an eye out for good quality material. Read about what the beanies are made of. Soft woolen and pure cotton would be your top choices – baby skin-friendly and comfortable.

Baby monitor

Being a multitasker with a newborn can be made easy with the help of a good baby monitor. So, while your baby is sound asleep, you can give yourself a much needed me-time or tick mark all the other tasks on your to-do list.It may seem a lot, but don’t fret. Start with one product at a time and soon you’ll be able to figure how to give your bundle of joy the best care.