First day home with your newborn? Here’s how to take care your baby and yourself.

Welcome home, new mom! Surely you simply can’t get enough of the cuteness overload emanating from your bundle of joy. However, it’s completely understandable to feel overwhelmed. But we’re here for you.Bringing you help that could ease your new mama routine even a little bit.

As you set about this new journey of motherhood, let’s look at ways in which you can take care of your baby while giving yourself ample rest and peace of mind, too.

Chat with the nurses

They swoop in to make sure the birth of your baby goes without any hiccups. But do you know what else they can help you with. Care advice. From breast-feeding to getting your hands on some comfortable postnatal under garments.Talk to them and get as much information as possible. This will help you leave the hospital with a relaxed and prepared mind.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

A great support system is always heaven-sent. Whether it’s a helpful lot or just a few people you can rely on.Ask for help. You’re the mom, but you’re just as new to this as anyone else. So, figure things out as and when you need to. Feeding schedules, onesie shopping, occasional back rubs (this one’s for you!), essential runs – multiple ways for you to bond with them!

Speaking of baby bonding

Many may think this is a given. But the truth is, some mothers have a difficult time bonding with their newborns. And you know what? That is absolutely normal. Time is a thing of beauty. Use it to ease into knowing your baby. Overtime, you’ll get the hang of it. Some ways to have a cozy one-on-one with your baby are a massage, talking or singing to them so that they recognize your voice, and giving them as much skin-to-skin contact which helps in healthier heartbeat and breathing rates.

Sleep, sleep, sleep

Don’t we just love sleeping! But heavy are those eyes with sleeplessness that are watchful over a newborn. That’s why we urge you to sync your sleep cycle with your baby’s to the best of your ability. Whenever you can, try to sleep when the baby does.So that you’re well-rested to care for the it. Remember, a new mother needs just as much rest. Lack of sleep deprives your already adjusting body and mind of energy. So put the baby down for a nap and steal yourself a little snooze, too.

One ear for your baby and the other for you

Which means, listen to your baby and yourself. Sure, advice coming from people or experienced mothers could be helpful but along come gratuitous do’s and don’ts that may not always work for you or the baby. So, while bonding with your baby, understand cues from their reactions, their cries. Allow yourself to do what you feel is right. Go with your gut and instincts because that’s what parenting essentially is.

Tender love and care for the baby

As heart-warming as it is to hold them and feel them, baby skin is super sensitive. So, choosing the right baby care products is key. The pH levels should be balanced, and the formula should be gentle on their skin. Now, no need to get overwhelmed – start simple. A great regimen like Baby Dove’s range is a great kit to give your baby’s skin the nourishing love it needs. It has all the essential you’ll be looking for – baby wash, nourishing body cream and diaper rash cream.

Now, how about some for you!

You need just as much self-love too! So, when you find your window of downtime, indulge in a relaxing, healing self-care routine. Get yourself a gentle body massage when you can.Give your feet a good knead.Wash away stress either with a warm bath or a shower.And finally, treat yourself to a healing nipple cream so that breastfeeding is made easier for you.

There you have it – our virtual lending hand for you to hold as you navigate being a new mom. Remember, take it one day at a time and enjoy a rewarding motherhood!