A Guide To Wash Your Baby’s Hair

Have you just welcomed your baby and wish to provide them with the best comfort and care? We know you might have multiple questions regarding raising the little one. One of the most asked questions is how to wash your baby’s hair. You might think of the appropriate hair care routine and the proper washing techniques to keep baby’s scalp and hair clean and healthy. Let’s take you through how often you should wash your baby’s hair and what are some of the tips and tricks.

How Often Should You Wash Baby’s Hair?

Like you give a bath to your baby, washing their hair shouldn’t have a specific routine. And washing the hair frequently can remove the natural oils that the scalp needs to remain clean and healthy. During the monsoon weather, washing the hair alternative day is always a good idea, or can use a sponge dipped in water to clean it up.

Benefits & Tips Of Washing Your Baby’s Hair

One of the significant concerns mothers worry about is how they will wash their baby’s hair, so let’s explain how you should adequately bathe your baby while washing your hair.

● Ensure that the temperature of the water is warm as the baby’s skin is sensitive, so they can’t do well with hot water. Test the water with your elbow before pouring it on your baby, and ensure that everything you need during his bath is next to you.
● Make sure you invest in a shampoo designed for babies as they have delicate skin but a low pH value too. You can use Baby Dove Rich Moisture Shampoo, specially designed to give babies sensitive skin and hair the care they deserve. The shampoo is proven to be as gentle as water, and it delicately cleanses your baby’s hair without causing any irritation to their skin.
● Always remember to shield your baby’s eyes while rinsing the shampoo out. You can tilt the baby’s head backward and let the shampoo get rinsed off without irritating the baby’s eyes.
● A common infection in babies is ringworm which is likely to appear on the scalp. It causes a ring to form red, dry, and itchy. You may invest in baby products to help you get rid of the infection quickly.
● One should be gentle while washing the baby’s hair as the scalp is tender and soft. You can use a simple sponge to wash their hair, then gently run a soapy sponge and clean the hair.

How To Wash Baby’s Hair?

Now that you know some of the trips and benefits of washing your baby’s hair let’s take through how to do it correctly. Follow this easy-to-go guide on how to clean your baby’s hair.

Step 1: Fill The Tub

Fill your tub with two to four inches of warm water (not too warm). Before lying to your baby, put your wrist or elbow inside to test it and check if the water is warm or not.

Step 2: Bathe The Baby

Bathe the baby as you usually do and first wet the baby’s hair using your hand, ensuring that water doesn’t trickle down their face. Then, gently remove a small amount of shampoo and lather it into the hair. P.S. don’t rub vigorously. Now use a hand to rinse out the shampoo carefully and start by sweeping the front and back with your hand.

Step 3: Gently Rub & Dress The Baby

Lift the baby out of the tub and pat with a dry and soft towel. You can gently rub their hair with a towel and let the towel soak up any remaining water. And if your baby has thin hair, stroking it a couple of times after patting will remove excess moisture. When it comes to washing your baby’s hair, less is more! The baby’s scalp is very delicate and can become dried out quickly. It is essential to use a gentle shampoo and avoid scrubbing hard. Use your fingers or a soft-bristled brush for gentle care of the baby’s hair and scalp is highly recommended.